Abstracts submitted for the APS 2024 conference, April 3-6 in Sacramento. Preprints will be posted below before the conference.
    Oral: The holoverse 2024-01-12, v1 2024-01-03.
    Poster: Parity violation is evidence that our universe is inside an extremal Kerr black hole 2024-01-12, v1 2024-01-03.

    Our universe is inside a black hole; dark energy is gravity v2 2023-04-27, v1 2023-04-25.
    The Schwarzschild metric in absolute gravity v1 2023-04-23.
    General relativity in ordinary three-dimensional space v2 2023-02-07, v1 2023-02-06.
    General relativity, general covariance, and absolute gravity v1 2023-02-05.
    The absolute gravity force equation in geodesic notation v1 2023-02-05.
    Rate of change of proper time with respect to absolute time v2 2023-04-23, v1 2023-01-27.
    The speed of photons in absolute gravity v4 2023-01-31, v3 2023-01-30, v2 2023-01-28, v1 2023-01-26.
    The absolute gravity force equation as classical mechanics v2 2023-01-31, v1 2023-01-24.
    On absolute clocks and rulers v3 2023-02-05, v2 2023-01-27, v1 2023-01-16.
    Consistent notation for common coordinate systems v1 2023-01-15.
    Implicit coordinate system transforms v1 2023-01-10.
    General Relativity with Electromagnetism in Absolute Space and Time v5 2023-05-22, v4 2023-05-19, v3 2023-05-18, v2 2022-09-11. v1 2022-09-04.
    General Relativity in Absolute Space and Time v2 2022-09-02, v1 2022-09-01.
    How to explain the Michelson-Morley experiment in ordinary 3-dimensional space v5 2010-10-05.